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Waste Farmers is a new kind of conglomerate.

We’re the first regenerative holding and operating company. We develop people, businesses, and brands who transform emerging social and environmental needs into market-based opportunities.


Our Brands


A balanced portfolio of businesses focused on adding value to our stakeholders in the near-term and long-term.


Our Stakeholders


By adding value to each of the stakeholders to whom we are responsible, we cannot only build an enduring profitable company, but also heal the social and environmental systems on which we depend.


We provide value to our
stakeholders in three ways:

  1. Magnify social and environmental value creation.

  2. Advance inclusive growth and true wealth creation.

  3. Greater opportunities for liquidity without compromising our long term focus or our mission, vision, and values.




We’re proud to have a passionate group investors who have supported us over the last nine years. Richie Goldman (Men’s Wearhouse), Gray Chynoweth (Dyn), Joel Appel (Orange Glo), Adam Schlegel (Snooze), Brian Thomas (Otterbox) to name a few.