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Waste Farmers

Helping the world’s leading cultivators
scale efficiently and consciously.

Waste Farmers is a next-generation, sustainable agricultural company focused on helping humanity meet current and future food demands while decreasing agriculture’s environmental footprint.


Reduce nutrient costs, boost and protect your yields while supporting revenue growth with our consistently crafted blends, nutrients and integrated growing systems.

(Fortified Micro Blend)

This premium, soilless solution enables the grower to customize a nutrient program without the risk of missing critical micronutrients.

(Charged Macro Blend)

Crafted for growth-phase organic producers looking for a higher level of control in their feeding process.

Critical Mass
(Charged High-Moisture Blend)

Charged High-Moisture Blend helps outdoor growers reduce watering without nutrient loss.

Golden Ratio
(Inert High-Yield Blend)

Inert High-Yield Blend lets multi-state greenhouse and indoor growers maximize production efficiency. 

Cosmic Accelerator
(Seed Germination Blend)

Waste Farmer’s Seed Germination Blend is designed for producers who want to minimize costs through exceptional germination rates.

Integrated Cube System
(Compressed Coco Cubes)

The world’s first 100% compressed coco solution has a multi-cube design working in unison, ensuring you’ll never have to buy pots again.

Targeted Plant Nutrition

Waste Farmer’s Targeted Plant Nutrition is for multi-license indoor and outdoor cultivators who are looking to maximize production efficiency.

Inert Perlite-Free High-Yield Chip Blend

This customizable, high air content coco/coco-chip blend provides the most consistently high-yields in the industry without the use of perlite.

Fortified Micro Blend

Crafted for growth-phase organic producers looking for a higher level of control in their feeding process.

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